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New Download Microsoft 365 Backup Image

BCN Group's Microsoft 365 Backup

Discover how BCN Group can help your business protect all your data stored in Microsoft 365 applications from permanent loss.

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Remote Working: The Absolute Security Basics

Discover the seven basic business security must-dos to ensure that when users are working from home or another location they are kept safe and your business data remains protected.


Microsoft Teams and Office 365 User Guide

Learn how to better utilise these powerful collaboration tools with this step-by-step guide including; setting up meetings, video conferences, sharing documents and lots lots more.

Connectivity Business Continuity Pack Screenshot

Connectivity Business Continuity Service Fact Sheet

Download our Connectivity Business Continuity Service Fact Sheet to find out how BCN Group can keep you business communicating and working in a crisis.

Business Contingency Image

Business Contingency Planning Checklist

Planning is key when it comes to making sure your business can still operate if disaster strikes.

Fully Managed Control Centre Data Sheet Download

Fully Managed Control Centre Data Sheet

To show you how the Fully Managed Control Centre can offer complete protection for your company managed device.

HPE Nimble Insight Guide

Learn From The Past. Optimise The Present. Plan For The Future

This insight guide explores how BCN Group and HP Enterprises can build your a future-proofed, self-managed, analytical and secure data infrastructure with Nimble Storage.


Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Solutions

Our guide covers the day-to-day challenges faced by IT managers and how outsourcing IT solutions can solve them.

Support Tailored To You Image

Support Tailored To You In Five Easy Steps

Every business is unique. They operate differently, have their own needs and requirements, so why have an IT support service that doesn't work for you. Build a support service that meets your needs.


Microsoft Turns Off Life Support

In January 2020, Microsoft will be ending support across many of its services. Download our user guide to discover which products they are, how this will impact your business and what are your upgrade options.

Security Steps

Total Protection Suite Checklist: How Secure Are You?

To ensure your business has the ultimate protection to mitigate your risk of a data breach or becoming a victim of a cyber security attack.

Revised SonicWall Threat Report

2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report

Unmasking the Threats That Target Global Enterprises, Governments & SMBs.

Managed Backup

Manage Backup Data Sheet

We look at all of the ways BCN can help you backup your data.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Brochure

Discover the plans available and how we can help you secure your business.

Sage 50c

Sage 50C New Features Data Sheet

Here are the latest Sage 50C features and how it can improve your accounting experience.

Sage 200

Sage 200C Features Data Sheet

We explore the latest features of Sage 200C and see how it can change your accounting experience.


8 Technologies for GDPR Success: Get Data Protection Right

Our guide helps you on your journey to becoming GDPR compliant.

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