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Business Continuity Webinar: Safeguarding your business in an uncertain time

We are living in uncertain times with the risk from natural, social and economic disasters ever present. With 25% of businesses in the UK not having a viable business continuity plan, could you survive an unexpected crisis that takes down your infrastructure and services? In many cases, the answer will probably be no.

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Power BI Webinar: An Introduction to Power BI and how it can empower your business

Power BI allows you to connect to hundreds of different data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis, all from your personalised dashboard. It creates highly visual reports which you can publish and share with colleagues.

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Cloud Telephony Webinar: Workplace Telephony for a Changed World

The new world has demanded that we adapt our lives and workplaces to accommodate this, See how cloud communications can drive more flexibility and innovation enabling flexible, modern workplaces and huge cost savings for businesses.

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Cyber Security Webinar: Do your user credentials make you vulnerable to attack?

Discover the methods cyber criminals are using to exploit vulnerabilities in your set up to gain access to your business critical data. Learn what procedures and tools you can implement to keep your end users and business protected.

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Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips - Creating a Teams Meeting

In this Microsoft Teams Hints and Tips video, we show you can you can quickly set up a meeting in Teams.

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